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  1. Place Names of Lewis & Harris by Donald Maciver. H.B. Published in 1934. Each district in Lewis and Harris is covered in this publication. Index of Places and Districts and Abbreviations. 102 Pages. £45
  2. A Mini Guide to Eoropie Teampull, Isle of Lewis by Gerard Ponting. Pamphlet, originally printed in 1982, this reprint is from 1987. 4 Pages. £6
  3. Isle of Shapinsay by William Irvine. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. 14 Chapters and Photographs. 152 Pages. Includes newspaper cuttings about the book and a letter from the Publishers to the Purchaser. £35
  4. An Orkney Family Saga by Peggy Fea. Illustrations by Philip Shann. 23 Chapters and Bibliography56 Pages. £15. A presentational copy signed by the author.
  5. The Sporting Estates of the Outer Hebrides Past and Present. An Illustrated History by David S.D. Jones. P.B. Published in 2008. 22 Estates are covered and includes a detailed Map of Lewis and Harris and photographs. 144 Pages. £10. Signed by the Author.
  6. Mingulay an Island Guide. Published by Comunn Eachdraidh Bharraigh in 1994. A4 Size Publication with Ring Binding. 22 Pages. £10
  7. A Tale of the Press Gang in Zetlandica by L.A. Williamson. P.B. Published in 1977. 10 Chapters, Preface and Introduction. 136 Pages. £15
  8. Hebridean Folksongs III. Waulking Songs from Vatersay, Barra, South Uist, Eriskay and Benbecula. Edited and Translated by J.L. Campbell. Tunes transcribed from Recordings and annotated by Francis Collinson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1981. Contents: List of Plates, Introduction -The Waulking, The Songs, The Singers, The Recordings. Some Motifs and Formulas of the Older Waulking Songs, List of First Lines, Texts with Translations, Notes on the Text, Musicological Notes, The Refrain Syllables of Waulking Songs, Hebridean Folksongs and Songs of the Hebrides, Musical Transciptions, Additions to Bibliography, Glossarial Index, Index of Persons and Places. 432 Pages. £25
  9. A Lerwick Lifeboatman’s Story by George Leith. P.B. Published in 1993. Contents: List of Illustartions, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Introduction, Lerwick’s Lifeboats Services, Postscript, Awards, Lerwick Lifeboats, Index. Includes Photographs. 152 Pages. £10
  10. How an Island Lost its People. Improvement, Clearance and Resettlement on Lismore, 1830-1914 by Robert Hay. P.B. Published in 2013. 7 Chapters, 15 Appendixes, Sources, Acknowledgements and Index. Includes Photographs. 303 Pages. £10
  1. The Whisky Run. A Cruising Man’s Guide to the West Coast of Scotland and Hebridean Waters by Jim Andrews. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. Contents: Author’s Note, Introducing the Whisky Run, How to Get There, The Firth of Clyde, Through the Crinan Canal, From Crinan to Oban, Around the Isle of Mull, North from Ardnamurchan, Lochs of the North West, The Outer Hebrides and St Kilda. 40 Pages. £15
  2. Today’s Highlands. A Highlands and Islands Development Board Supplement which was Included with the 1986 Annual Report. A4 Size Publication. Contents: The Highlands & Islands, The Board, The Economic Factors, Transportation & Communications Light Industry, Major Industries, Tourism, The Land, The Sea, Social & Community Development, Conclusion. 20 Pages. £8
  3. 1986 Highlands and Islands Development Board Annual Report. A4 Size Publication. 68 Pages of Text and Photographs. £8
  4. A Research Study Into Provision for Recreation in the Highlands and Islands. Phase 1. Areas Affected b y Oil Related Development. Oil, Leisure and Society. A4 Size Publication. 7 Chapters broken down into sub headings and Appendixes. 339 Pages. £15
  5. A Life of Song by Marjory Kennedy Fraser. H.B. With D/J Published in 1929. 1st Edition. Part One: The Kennedys, Part Two: Life as a Teacher, Part III The Hebrides. Part IV. Fruition. Includes Illustrations. 198 Pages. £30
  1. The Buried Barony by Alasdair Alpin MacGregor. With a frontspiece from a painting by Mrs RG. Fraser, and 54 Illustrations mostly from Photographs by the the Author. H.B. Published in 1949. Contents: The Buried Barony, Spanish Gold, The Sea Dogs of Scotland, Gypsies of the Borderland, Who Shot the Red Fox, The Pass of Corrieyarrick, Rothiemurchus: An Ancient Highland Heritage, Covenanters Conventicle 1666-1945. 163 Pages. £20
  2. Glen More Cairngorms. Forest Park Guide. P.B. Published in 1966. Edited by John Walton. 13 Chapters, Bibliography, Approaches to the Park, General Information, The Cairngorms Nature Reserve, Maps and Photographs. 113 Pages. £10
  3. The Western Isles. Barra, South Uist, Benbecula, North Uist, Harris, Lewis. A Western Isles Tourist Board Publication. Text by Francis Thomson and Includes Photographs. Booklet. 32 Pages. £8
  4. Pathmakers in the Isles 1850-1949 by Mrs J.T.S Watson. Booklet,date of Printing Unknown. A Church of Scotland Publication. 31 Pages. £15 (Scarce)
  5. In Hebridean Seas by Francis Thomson. P.B. Published in 1994. 12 Chapters, Conclusion, Select Bibliography. This book is the story of a maritime community in which the sea is the thread that binds all together. Includes Photographs. 114 Pages. £8
  6. Hebridean Interlude and Hebridean Interlude Two by Gladys Mester. Two P.B. Publications.Book 1 has 23 Chapters. Printed in 1985. 137 Pages. Book Two has 18 Chapters and was printed in 1986. 140 Pages. £15 for both books.
  7. Hebridean Happenings by Gladys Mester. P.B. Date of Printing 1988. 16 Chapters. 135 Pages. £8
  8. Tales from Barra Told by the Coddy. John Macpherson, Northbay Barra, 1876-1955. With Foreword by Compton Mackenzie and Introduction and Notes by J.L. Campbell. P.B. Published in 1960. 1st Edition. Contents: Pedigrees, Tales of the Macneil of Barra and Other Lairds, The Macleods of Dunvegan, The Laird of Boisdale, Stories of Olden Times, Ecclesiastical Traditions, Place Names, Tales of Treasure, Tales of Local Characters, Stories of the Politician, Stories of Sea Monsters, Fairies, Second Sight and Ghost Stories, Witchcraft, Appendix, Bibliography. 215 Pages. £10
  9. Deirdrie. The Barra Story in a Play. Drama in Four Acts in Gaelic and English. Adapted from Alexander Carmichael’s Barra Story and Lay by Gordon Bottomley. With The Additional Passages Translated into Gaelic by Catherine F and David Urquhart. P.B. Published in 1944. 159 Pages. £15
  10. Days in Thule With Rod, Gun and Camera by John Bickerdyke. H.B. Published in 1894. This is a simple record of life in a Hebridean Lodge. Contents: Gheira Lodge, The Haddies of Thule, Wild Dogs and Tame Grouse, Conjuring Salmon, Deck, Plover and Snipe, A Sulky Salmon and a greedy Cod, An Assault on the Blue Rock Strongholds, Three Lochs and a Puddle, ‘Salmo Irritans’ and his Vanquishment, The Rabbits of the Cliffs, Our Sea Trout Ditch, Farewell to Thule. Includes Illustrations. 181 Pages. £200
  11. St Clair of the Isles. Or the Outlaws of Barra. A Scottish Romance by Elizabeth Helme. H.B. Date of Publishing not known.268 Pages. £25
  12. Tales and Traditions of the Lews. Collected by Dr Donald Macdonald of Gisla. H.B. With D/J Published in 1967. 1st Edition. 60 Tales and Traditions in Total, which includes many tales about the Macleod, Macaulay’s, Morrisons and Macdonalds. 297 Pages, includes a newspaper cutting from the Stornoway Gazette from 1967 after the book’s Publication. £15
  13. Twenty Years of Hebridean Memories by Emily Macdonald. H.B. With D/J Published in 1965. This book covers the years 1918-1938. 14 Chapters, A Fairy Story and Postscript and contains Photographs. 156 Pages. £20
  14. The Scots Magazine from July 1973. A5 size Publication. 13 Chapters with Different Stories from around the Country and Includes many photographs. This edition has a story about Pabbay written by Aubrey Halford Macleod. 90 Pages. £8
  15. Call na H-Iolaire le Tormod Chalum Domhnallach. The first ever publication written about the sinking of the Iolaire on New Years Day 1919. The book is in Gaelic with an English Synoposis. Includes Interviews with Survivors. 124 Pages and includes Photographs. Includes are press cuttings and poems about the Iolaire. £10
  16. Island Years by Frank Fraser Darling. With a new preface by the author illustrated. P.B. Published in 1973. 12 Chapters and Illustrations. 252 Pages. £6\
  17. Eilean na H-Oige. Island of Youth. Insel Der Jugend. Poem by Fr Allan Macdonald. Translated  by P.Campbell, A Macdonald & G. Vogler-Fiesser. Drawings by M. Seuren. P.B. Published in 1985. This is a limited edition of 200 copies each signed by the artist of the drawings and the editor. This is no 148/200. £15
  1. Cunnartan Cuain le Aonghas Mac a Phi. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1981. Clar Innse: Roimh Radh, Bathadh Clann a Phi, Bliadhna Nan Cragan. 87 Duilleagan. £6
  2. One Man’s Lewis by George Morrison (The Breve) A Lively View of a Lively Island. P.B. Published in 1978. A collection of the humorous articles from the pen of the Breve which appeared in the Stornoway Gazette over the year’s. 125 Pages. Includes newspaper cuttings with reviews of the book and also newspaper cuttings with obituary’s and tributes to the Breve. £8
  3. The Island Blackhouse. And a guide to ‘The Blackhouse’ No 42, Arnol by Alexander Fenton. Printed in 1978. Contents: Preface, The Blackhouse at 42 Arnol, Blackhouses on the West Side of Lewis, Change and Conservation, The Village of Arnol, The Economic Pattern, Crofting Tenure, Sources. Includes Photographs. 56 Pages. £6
  1. Air mo Chuairt le Ealasaid Chaimbeul. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1982. Clar Innse: Tus M’Oige, Fagail Bharraigh, Aig Mo Chosnadh, Air Ais a Bhatarsaigh, An Deidh Na Raimh a Shaoradh. Cunntas mu bheatha an ughdair a Rugadh air a Bhogaidh am Barraigh ann an 1913.89 Duilleagan. £6
  2. Shipwrecked on Vatersay by Bob Charnley. Booklet, printed in 1992. The true story of the emigrant ship ‘Annie Jane’ wrecked September 1853 on the Island of Vatersay Outer Hebrides. Contents: Prelude & Voyage, Complaints, Disaster, The Aftermath. 35 Pages. £6 Includes a newspaper cutting with a review of the book.
  3. The Outer Hebrides Handbook and Guide. Kittiwake Press in association with John Bartholomew & Son. Booklet, printed in 1989. Includes Text and Maps, Photographs. Guides to Lewis, Harris, North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist and Barra. 96 Pages. £6
  4. The Story of Loganair. Scotland’s Airline -The First 25 Years by Iain Hutchison. Booklet, printed in 1987. 96 Pages which includes Photographs. £8
  5. Hebridean Island Memories of Scarp. Angus Duncan (1888-1971) Edited by A. Duncan. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995. Thirty Chapters. Foreword, Biographical Notes, Acknowledgements, Maps and Illustrations, Appendix Notes, Bibliography and Index. Includes Photographs. 218 Pages. £10 Includes a newspaper cutting with a review of the book. £10
  6. Folksongs and Folklore of South Uist by Margaret Fay Shaw. H.B. With D/J Published in 1955. 1stEdition. Contents: Introduction, Prayers and Saints Days, Ballads, Proverbs and Sayings, Old Cures, Recipes for Dyeing Wool, Recipes for Special Dishes, Stories, Songs, Reciters, First Lines of Songs and Ballads, Bibliography, Index, Map. Includes Illustrations. 290 Pages. Includes newspaper cuttings with reviews of the book. £25
  1. Hebrid Echoes. By Arch N Currie. 51 Songs in English and Gaelic. H.B Date of Publishing Unknown. Inscription in the book dated 1924. 40 Pages. £25
  2. Skye by Derek Cooper. H.B. With D/J Published in  1970. 1st Edition. Contents: Preface, Acknowledgements, Skye -A View, Gazetteer, Anthology, Some Dates, Books Worth Reading, Index, Skye Mileage Chart, Map of Skye. Includes Illustrations, Plates and Drawings. 242 Pages. Includes a pamphlet with details of the Derek Cooper Book Collection which was donated to the Ravenspoint Centre, South Lochs, Isle of Lewis. £10
  1. Consider the Lillies by Iain Crichton Smith. H/B. With D/J Published in 1968. 1st Edition. This is a novel about the Highland Clearances. Opinions from Ian Grimble, Neil M. Gunn, Edwin Morgan, John Prebble, Martin Seymour Smith. 192 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting about Iain Crichton Smith. £10
  2. The Islands of Scotland Including Skye by DJ. Fabian, G.E. Little, D.N. Williams. Scottish Mountaineering Club District Guide. Series Editor: D.J. Bennet. Contents: Ailsa Craig to Ardnamurchan, The Island of Skye, Ardnamurchan to Shetland. Includes numerous Illustrations. H.B Published in 1989. 406 Pages. £15
  3. Kirkwall Kilwinning No 382. The Story from 1736. Lectures given by the late Bro. James Flett, PM, on the history of the Lodge in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with addenda and appendices. H.B. With D/J Published in 1976. 162 Pages which includes illustrations. £20. Includes a newspaper cutting with a report of the 250th anniversary celebrations of the Lodge in 1986.
  4. Oriken En Bok Om Shetland Och Orkney. Text Olov Isaksson. Bild Soren Hallgren. H.B. Published in 1979. A reprint as it looks that the 1st Edition was published in 1969. The book is in Swedish. The book is one in a series of publications that looked at various islands round the world. The book is all about Orkney and Shetland with text and 150 photographs. 200 Pages. £15. Includes Newspaper cuttings with reviews about the book.
  5. Shetland’s Oil Era. Sullom Voe Terminal Inauguration By Her Majesty The Queen. -9th May 1981. Special Edition. H.B. Published in 1981. Ten Chapters, Summary, Appendix, Glossary, Sources of Further Information. Includes Photographs. 240 Pages. £20
  1. Let’s See Badenoch and Rothiemurchus.Described by Dr I.F. Grant. Booklet, date of printing not given. Text and photographs about the area. £10
  2. Tales of Foula by R.W. Isbister. A series of stories which first appeared in the Shetland Times from 1953 onwards. Booklet, printed in 1970. 44 Pages. £8
  3. Souvenir of The Clyde. With Twenty Four Chrome Views. H.B. Published in 1892. Text and Views. 47 Pages. £45
  4. The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd. A Celebration of the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. P.B. Published in 1977. 12 Chapters and Foreword. 95 Pages. £10
  5. Our Beautiful Homeland. The Firth of Clyde by W.D. Cocker. Illustrated by W.Douglas Macleod. Eight Plates in Colour from paintings by W.Douglas Macleod. H.B. Date of Printing not given, but possibly post 1946. 11 Chapters and Plates. 64 Pages. £25
  6. Cargoes of Despair and Hope. Scottish Emigration to North America 1603-1803 by Ian Adams and Meredyth Somerville. P.B. Published in 1993. 16 Chapters, Epilogue, Glossary, 6 Appendixes, Notes, Reference, Index. Includes Illustrations. 258 Pages. £8
  7. Jacobite Estates of the Forty Five by Annette M. Smith. H.B. With D/J Published in 1982. 12 Chapters, Appendices, Notes, Select Bibliography, Index. 288 Pages. £15
  8. The Origins of the Scottish Railway System 1722 -1844 by C.J.A. Robertson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983. 6 Chapters, Maps and Figures. 421 Pages. £15
  9. The White Island by John Lister -Kaye. With Drawings by Diana Brown. H.B. With D/J Published in 1972, this is a Third Impression from 1972. 12 Chapters and Illustrations. 179 Pages. £15
  10. Deer Forests Landlords and Crofters. The Western Highlands in Victorian and Edwardian Times by Willie Orr. H.B. With D/J Published in 1982. Part One: The Historical Pattern. Part Two: The Social and Economic Effects. Includes Appendices. 226 Pages. £15
  11. Water Power in Scotland. 1550-1870 by John Shaw. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. 30 Chapters, Glossary, Bibliography and Index. 606 Pages. £15
  12. The Caithness Book. Editor by Donald Omand. H.B. With D/J Published in 1972.1st Edition. Part One: Natural Environment. Part Two: Historical. Part Three: General. Includes Plates and Figures. 271 Pages. £25
  13. 61.Shillay and the Seals by Robert Atkinson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. 7 Chapters, Epilogue and Photographs. Includes newspaper cuttings with reviews of the book. 167 Pages. £15
  1. From Arran to Orkney. A Walk Through the Scottish Islands by John Merrill. H.B. With D/J Published in 1981. Contents: Arran, Campbeltown and Gigha, Islay, Colonsay and Jura, Mull, Coll and Tiree, The Outer Hebrides, Skye and the Small Isles, Hoy and Orkney Mainland, Kirkwall and Outliers, Fair Isle, Shetland, St Kilda. Includes Photographs. 156 Pages. £10
  2. Forestry in Scotland. Published by the Forestry Commission Edinburgh. Revised 1966. Booklet, with Text and Photographs. 23 Pages. £8
  3. Scottish National Forest Park Guides. Number One: Argyll. Edited by John Walton. Second Edition. Booklet, Printed in 1947. 8 Chapters, including Gaelic Place Names, General Information, Camping Grounds and Youth Hostels, Maps. 50 Pages and Map. £10
  4. John Anthony’s Flora of Sutherland. P.B. Published in 1976. 8 Chapters, Bibliography, Reference List of Contributors, County Flora, Index of English Names, Index of Latin Names. 201 Pages. £15
  5. In My Small Corner. Memories of an Orkney Childhood by Margaret Aitken. P.B. Published in 2001. 13 Chapters. 127 Pages. £8
  6. Sixty Years of Shetland. Isles of Home by Gordon Donaldson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983. Eight Chapters. 188 Pages. Includes newspaper cuttings with reviews of the book. £10
  1. Scotland’s Posts by James Mackay. Contents: The Origins of the Posts, Expansion of Services, 1745-99, Early Nineteenth Century, On The Road to Reform, 1800-1839, The Early Victorian Era, Changing Roles, Early Twentieth Century, The Second World War, Immediate Post War Record, The Years of Change, Appendixes, Bibliography, Postal Maps of Scotland, List of Subscribers, Ads. A4 Size Publication, Self Published by the Author in 2000. 164 Pages. A Presentation Copy Signed by the Author. £20
  2. Snyivveries. Shetland Poems by Rhoda Bulter. Illustrated by the Author. Booklet, Printed in 1986. 25 Poems in Total and a Glossary. Includes a newspaper cutting about the launch of the booklet. 57 Pages. £8
  3. The Sutherland Clearances. 1806-1820. An Introduction by David Forbes. Booklet, Printed in 1977. 44 Pages. £8
  4. Dundee 1947. Booklet, Published by the British Association of the Advancement of Science. This book was presented by Messrs Valentine & Sons Ltd, Fine Art, Publishers Dundee to the Members of the British Association as a Souvenir of their visit to Dundee. 62 Pages. £10
  5. Sutherland. County of Sutherland Illustrated Guide Book. Second Edition. Published by Authority of The County Council. Booklet, with Text and Photographs. 80 Pages. £10 (No Date given for Printing)
  6. Kinlochleven. A4 Size Publication compiled by Pupils of Second Year of Kinlochleven Secondary School. Text, Drawings and Adverts of Businesses in the area. 36 Pages. Date of Printing not given. £10
  7. Iron Roads to the Far North and Kyle. A travellers and tourists guide to the Inverness to Wick & Thurso and Kyle of Lochalsh Lines by Michael Pearson. Booklet, printed in 2003.  £10
  1. Scottish Lighthouses by Sharma Krauskopf. A4 Size Publication printed in 2001. Contents: Introduction, The Country of Scotland, The Northern Lighthouse Board, The Stevenson Family, The Tour, Southern Scotland, Hebrides, West Coast, North Coast, Orkney, Shetland, East Coast, Glossary, Bibliography, Index, Map. 96 Pages. £10
  2. The Geographical Magazine. June 1956. Includes an Article about Rockall. 50 Pages. £8
  3. Travellers in Bygone Shetland. An Anthology by Derek Flinn. H.B. With D/J Published in 1989. 21 Chapters and Illustrations. Includes Newspaper cuttings with reviews of the book. 278 Pages. £10
  1. The Western Isles IDP: Further Lessons in Human Ecology by J. Graeme Robertson. An Independant Assesment of the Integrated Development Programme for the Western Isles of Scotland. A4 Size Publication. 63 Pages. £10
  2. Wester Ross. A Wester Ross Tourist Organisation Publication. A4 Size Publication, Text and Photographs. Date of Printing Unknown. £8
  1. Arran Banner. Arran’s Weekly Newspaper. No 287 Saturday 4th July 1981. A4 Size Publication. 12 Pages. £5
  2. Ileach. Vol 8 No 17 13th July 1981. The Newspaper of the Islay Council of Social Service. A4 Size Publication. £5
  3. Outer Hebrides. Localities of Geological and Geomorphological Importance. Nature Conservancy Council Geology and Physiography Section 1977. A4 Size Publication with Ring Binding. Editor G.P. Black. Contents: Introduction, The Geomorphology of the Outer Hebrides and the Threats to Which It is Subject, Localities of Geomorphological Interest, Geiomorphological Localities Already Conserved, Further Geomorphological Localities Worthy of Conservation, The Geology of the Outer Hebrides, Localities of Geological Interest, Conservation Assessment, Bibliography, Glossary. Includes Plates and Illustrations. 91 Pages. £20
  1. Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 1987. A4 Size Publication. Contents: Foreword by James Shaw Grant, Stornoway Harbour, Am Bata Teasairginn, Packahed Development Work is Desirable, The Salmon in My Life, An Lanntair, Nabachas, Photos of 87, Cladach Dhobhair, The Walpole Commission, An Each Geadach, Peatology or Peat Patterns, Entering WestMinster, Who was Captain Oliver, Amhuinnsuidhe: Childhood Memories, The Emigrant Who Escaped, Harvest. Includes Old Photos and Adverts. 63 Pages. £8
  2. Achmore Stone Circle by Margaret and Gerard Ponting. A4 Size Publication. Privately Published in 1981 -200 Copies Printed. 57 Pages. £15
  1. Scottish Consumer Council. Ferry Services For the Scottish Islands. A discussion paper prepared by the Scottish Consumer Council and G.A. mackay of Aberdeen University. A4 Size Publication. A4 Size Publication. Printed Circa 1981. Contents: Introduction, Integrated Approach, Licensing System, Subsidies, The Norwegian Ferry System, Present Vehicle Ferry Route Pattern, Vehicle Ferry Routes in Scotland. 15 Pages. £8
  2. Scottish Consumer Council Sixth Annual Report. 1980-81. A4 Size Publication. Contents: Introduction, Problems of Consumers in Remote Areas, Transport Issues, Legal Issues, Education, Housing, Advice and Information, Consumer Champions. 2 Appendixes. 22 Pages. £6
  3. Scottish Consumer Council. Island Health Care. Access to Primary Services in the Western Isles by Michael Bloor, Gordon Horobin, Rex Taylor, Rory Williams. Institute of Medical Sociology Occasional Paper 3. A4 Size Publication, Printed in 1978. Contents: Medical and Pharmaceutical Services, Chiropody, Dental and Opthalmic Services, Remoteness and Health Services, Tables, Notes and Reference, Map of Western Isles. 65 Pages. £8
  4. The Future of Ferry Services in the Highlands and Islands. A Development Strategy. Transport Research Paper 6. A4 Size Published Published by the Highlands and Islands Development Board. May 1980, This Second Revised Edition is from July 1980. Contents: Present Problems, The Approach to Cost Effectiveness, Ferry Routes, Terminals and Vessels, Cost and Charges, Aspects of Implementation, Tables, Figures. 25 Pages. £8
  5. Archaeological Sites in the Uists.A Short Guide to the Major Archaeological Sites and Ancient Monuments in North Uist, South Uist and Benbecula. A4 Size Publication, Date of Printing Unknown. 13 Pages. £8
  6. Sanais. Comunn Eachdraidh Uig Dec 85. A4 Size Publication. 10 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting with a review of the publication. £5
  1. Island of Kerrera. Mirror of History by H. Macdougall. A4 Size Publication, published in 1979. Contents: Historical, Gylen Castle and Sindrie Houses, Merklands, Crops and Beasts, Rents and Services, Farm Graith, Bailemor Township and Farm, Meal Mills, Sea and Land Harvest, Ferries and Changehouses, Schools, Churches, Community, Foundations. Includes drawings. 157 Pages. Includes a letter from the Author to the purchaser of the book. £15
  2. The Story of Mull and Iona by Nick Hesketh. A Pictorial  History  Written and Illustrated. A4 Size Publication. Published in 1988. 80 Pages. £10
  1. The Stones Around Callanish by Gerard and Margaret Ponting. A Guide to the “Minor” Megalithic Sites of the Callanish Area (II to XIX). Revised by Margaret R. Curtis and G. Ronald Curtis, 1993. A4 Size Publication. The original publication was printed in 1984, Reprinted in 1993. 45 Pages. £8
  2. Roll of Honour Ness to Bernera. For King and Country 1939 to 1945. A4 Size Publication Printed in 1989. A record of all those from each village who served in WW2, and where possible a photograph of each named person is in the book. 127 Pages. £10
  3. An Annotated Bibliography of Rural Land Use in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Edited by A.S. Mather and R.J. Ardern. A4 Size Publication. Published in 1981. 153 Pages. £15
  4. Brodick Castle & Garden. A Guidebook written by Colin MacWilliam and J.F.A. Gibson. Booklet, printed in 1973. 24 Pages. £8
  1. Isle of Arran. Official Guide. A Tourist Guide Printed in 1967. Includes, Text. Photographs and Adverts. 64 Pages. £8
  2. Geologist’s Association Guides. No 32. Isle of Arran by S.I. Tomkeieff. Edited by S.W. Hester. Revised Edition 1969. Booklet, 35 Pages. £8
  3. The Life and Letters of an Orkney Naturalist. Reverend George Low 1747-1795. By Olaf D. Cuthbert. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995. This limited edition of 400 Copies is published to commemorate the bicentenary of George Low’s Death in 1795. Contents: Foreword, Preface, Introduction, A Studen in Philosophy, Preacher of the Gospel, The Shetland Jaunt, A Matrimonial Affair, A Poor Trow of an Orkney Bodie, The Druid of Birsay, Another Year Will Do As Well, Epilogue, Tour Through the North Isles and part of the Mainland of Orkney in the year 1778, The Manuscripts of George Low, Index. 128 Pages. Includes newspaper cuttings with reviews of the book. £10
  4. The Birth and Death of a Highland Railway by Duncan Kennedy. H.B. With D/J Published in 1971. 26 Chapters, Illustrations. 171 Pages. £10
  5. Ordnance Survey Pathfinder 1373. Map of St Kilda or Hirta. Dated 1991. £12
  6. Last Greetings from St Kilda by Bob Charnley. H.B. Published in 1989 and Signed by the Author. This book contains a selection of Pre Evacuation picture postcards of St Kilda. 52 Pages. £10
  1. A Calendar of Love and other stories by George Mackay Brown. H.B. With D/J Published in 1968. Second Edition. 14 Stories in total. 157 Pages. £8
  2. Lost Argyll. Argyll’s Lost Heritage by Marian Pallister. H.B. With D/J Published in 2005. 6 Chapters, Epilogue, Notes, Bibliography and Index. Includes Photographs. 288 Pages. £10
  3. The Northern and Western Islands of Scotland. Their Economy and Society in the Seventeenth Century by Frances J. Shaw. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. Contents: Landownership, The Renting of Land, The Pattern of Agriculture, Other Occupations Within the Community, The Pattern of Trade, Conclusion, Relative Wealth, Status and Society. Includes Appendix, Glossary, Notes, Bibliography, Index, Maps and Tables. 270 Pages. £15
  4. Sutherland Birds. Edited by Stewart Angus. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983. A Guide to the Status and Ecology of Birds in Sutherland District. Contents: Acknowledgements, Table of Illustrations, Introduction, The East Coast and Eastern Lowlands, The North and West Coasts, Peatlands, Open Waters and Uplands, Woodlands, Ornithological Conservation in Sutherland, Bird List, Selected Bibliography, Gazetteer of Place Names, Index and Check List, List of Useful Addresses. Includes Illustrations. 95 Pages. £15
  1. Birds in Kintyre. Areas of Special Ornithological Importance by Eddie Macguire. Booklet, Printed in 1996. 11 Chapters. 75 Pages. £10
  2. British Association for the Advancement of Science. A Scientific Survey of Dundee and District. Prepared for the Dundee Meeting 1959. By Various Authors. Edited by R.L. Mackie. Booklet, 13 Chapters and Map. 124 Pages. £15
  1. Straight From the Horse’s Mouth. The Orkney Herald 1950-1961. The Paper and Its People. Compiled by Kim Twatt. P.B. Originally Published in 1996, This Second Impression is from 1999. 12 Chapters, which cover each year of the paper and a selection of the material included in the paper these year’s. Includes Photographs. 188 Pages. £8
  2. Jo Grimond A Personal Manifesto. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983. Contents: The Heritage of the Post War Years, Reviewing the System of Government, Managing the Economy, Governing Britain, International Relations, Conclusion, Select Bibliography, Index. Includes Newspaper Cuttings about the author. 177 Pages. £8
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