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The Temple in Northon, Harris, becomes licensed to sell alcohol very soon.

The licence grant means the cafe/deli will have a bar and make “ultra-short run” drink mixes made on-site to buy off the shelf.

The Western Isles Licensing Board granted the licence to permit the sale of alcohol with food to indoor and outdoor guests and the sale of alcohol off sales.

Announcing their latest development, The Temple posted online: “In our change from café to more of an extended deli, coffee house and bar, with machair buns, we’ll spend the next little while making changes and sorting out stock. 

“What you’ll begin to see on the shelves are the ultra-short runs of alcoholic drinks we make up here in Harris alongside our non-alcoholic drinks.

“These will usually be in a batch of 10 or 12, and when they’re gone, they’re gone until the next year at the same time. This is the first, and it’s a beauty.

"We’re just waiting for the labels, and then it will be available to drink or buy at the Temple in Northton.”