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Voluntary support group Neuro Hebrides are planning a day of self-care for people with experience of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – and they’re looking for input on what such a day should look like.

The group are teaming up with Professor Gavin Giovannoni, an expert neurologist with over 30 years’ experience in MS and related disorders, and with the MS Society and other expert organisations.

Their plan is to bring a special self-care day to the Outer Hebrides, tailored specifically to those with MS and the additional challenges faced by those living on the islands.

Professor Giovannoni has offered to design and deliver a programme of workshops to help equip patients and their carers with information and confidence for improving their self-care.

The programme will be online and open to patients across the Western Isles.

A spokesperson for the group said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to have time with some really experienced neurologists.

“Before we start planning the content of this special programme, we want to make sure it is designed to give people the information they need, not the information we think they need.

“It will be really helpful if you can have a think about what you would like to be covered in these sessions. We hope that if the MS self-care day is successful, we will look into options for similar days for other neurological conditions.”

Get in touch with Neuro Hebrides if you need more information on different medications and treatments, therapies, diet, brainfog, physiotherapy or mental health or if are you newly diagnosed and want to know where to go from here.

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