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A proposal to redraw the catchment area of Daliburgh School to include Stoneybridge is being presented to the Comhairle’s Education, Sports and Children’s Services Committee when it meets tomorrow (Tue, April 23) in Cnoc Soilleir.

 Councillors are being asked to start informal consultations on the issue following a request from Daliburgh Parent Council.

When Stoneybridge School closed in 2011, its catchment area, the townships of Stoneybridge, North Stoneybridge, and Ormiclete, was subsumed into the Iochdar School catchment area.

A number of parents, mainly within the former Stoneybridge catchment, have chosen to make placing requests to Daliburgh School. They cite its proximity and links to childcare and after-school provision at Cothrom. 

However, under Comhairle policy, children who live outside a school’s catchment area are not entitled to school transport.

Following a meeting with the Daliburgh Parent Council, the Comhairle has now received a formal request from them to review Daliburgh School’s catchment area, including Snishival and all townships south of that point. 

A report before the committee states that the proposed catchment area revision encompasses the former Stoneybridge School catchment and extends beyond that to include Peninerine and Snishival, which were historically always in the Iochdar School catchment.  

According to the report, the primary reason for their request is to allow out-of-catchment children to be recognised as being in the Daliburgh School catchment area and eligible for school transport.

Adds the report: “There are currently six children enrolled in Daliburgh School that reside within the catchment of Iochdar school. They are from Stoneybridge, Ormiclete and Snishival. There are also children resident within this area who attend Iochdar School, and the proposed consultation will need to consider the impact on them in terms of their continuing eligibility to attend that school.

“Should the process conclude in favour of rezoning the two schools, this will represent a permanent change that will affect all future enrolments.”